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All of our staff members are experts in multifamily housing programs, and draw on a wealth of knowledge gained through real world experience.
Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing superior service and adapting quickly to each client’s needs.
We work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are addressed.
Our ability to leverage the latest technology translates directly into cost savings for our clients.

About Us

We offer a comprehensive package of services for clients in the multifamily housing industry, ranging from a variety of training offerings and LIHTC compliance guidance to a complete set of asset management services.

A. J. Johnson Consulting Services, Inc. is a small firm. That is by design – not by accident.

By staying small, we maintain a great deal of flexibility, a collegial atmosphere, hands-on opportunities for each individual, and grassroots ingenuity. With only six professional staff, each person recognizes their full worth to the company, leading to two-way loyalty — in good times and bad.

The single greatest advantage to our small size, and the main reason we resist excessive growth, is the ability of management to be involved in the work process and product. Clients always have the opportunity to work with decision-makers, and no report goes to a client without first having been reviewed by A. J. Johnson.

For us, the bottom line is that we don’t have to change what we are doing to try to be more like large firms. We simply recognize all the good we have going for us and our clients and constantly work to reinforce it, both inside and outside our practice.

A. J. Johnson


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Chris Johnson

Senior Asset Management Consultant

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Jen Johnson

Compliance Analyst

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Linda Moss

Compliance Analyst

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Tanisha Johnson

Compliance Auditor

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Our Services

We offer a variety of customizable training solutions to keep your staff up to date & well-informed. Whether you need training for LIHTC, Section 8, fair housing, or any other topic related to affordable multifamily housing, we can meet your training needs. Learn More →
Whether you need pre-concurrence or post-move in reviews, on-site or remote, we have solutions that will work for you. Our four staff members are experts in affordable housing programs, with a combined 80 years of experience in multifamily housing. This means you can have confidence in the results of our reviews. Learn More →
Our news, iOS & Android apps, and manuals make sure you have an abundance of reference material available. News articles that we publish are written by A. J. Johnson. The articles are in-depth and cover important information all professionals in the affordable housing industry should be up to date on. Learn More →

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Encryption of resident files submitted for review is standard for every client.
Responsive Support
With a variety of quick & easy options for getting help, you’ll be back on track in no time.
Reliable, Dedicated Server
With a dedicated server, downtime issues are practically nonexistent, meaning you can get your documents to us whenever it’s convenient for you.

Training Schedule

Live Schedule


Training Date Training Name Location Details State City Sort Date
12/08/2021 Management of LIHTC Projects - Advanced Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-12-08
12/07/2021 Management of LIHTC Projects - Intermediate Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-12-07
10/21/2021 Fair Housing Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-10-21
10/19/2021 Section 8 Management & Best Practices Live Webinar Register N/A Live Webinar 2021-10-19
09/23/2021 Preparation for Physical Inspections Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-09-23
09/21/2021 Income and Asset Verification & Calculation Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-09-21
09/16/2021 Management of LIHTC Projects - Basic Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-09-16
09/14/2021 Fair Housing Live Webinar More Details Not Applicable Live Webinar 2021-09-14
08/31/2021 Criminal Screening in Multifamily Housing - Recommended Policies and Procedures Live Webinar Register N/A Live Webinar 2021-08-31
08/25/2021 Management of LIHTC Projects - Advanced TBD, DE More Details Delaware TBD 2021-08-25
08/24/2021 Management of LIHTC Projects - Intermediate TBD, DE More Details Delaware TBD 2021-08-24
08/11/2021 Fair Housing Savannah, GA More Details Georgia Savannah 2021-08-11
08/10/2021 Management of Rural Housing Section 515 Properties Savannah, GA More Details Georgia Savannah 2021-08-10

Pre-Recorded Courses


Course Name Details
Dealing with Tenant Assets
This two-hour course provides a detailed discussion of requirements related to the determination of asset value and income, and is applicable to all federal housing programs, including the low-income housing tax credit, tax-exempt bonds, Section 8, Section 515, HOME, and Public Housing. Multiple types of assets are covered, both in terms of what constitutes an asset and how they must be verified. The course concludes with a series of problems, designed to test the ability of the attendee to determine the value of an asset and calculate the income from that asset.
$60.00 - Learn More & Purchase
Compliance with Federal & State Fair Housing Requirements
The course “Compliance with Federal and State Fair Housing Requirements” will equip attendees with the knowledge and understanding needed to avoid fair housing violations.  The course curriculum is centered around the regulations in the two major fair housing laws, The Fair Housing Act (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The course also includes a discussion of the additional state and local protected characteristics. In addition, relevant portions of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) are covered.  The purpose of the Fair Housing Act is to eliminate housing discrimination, promote economic opportunity, and achieve diverse, inclusive communities. Professional fair housing training assists in this mission by ensuring that housing professionals understand both the rights of the public relative to fair housing and the duties and responsibilities of real estate professionals.
$100.00 - Learn More & Purchase
The Average Income Minimum Set-Aside: Requirements & Best Practices
The Average Income Minimum Set-Aside Test was added to the LIHTC program in March 2018.  While it is being implemented successfully on many properties, there remains a good deal of industry-wide confusion about the use of the AI set-aside and the risks involved.  This one-hour live webinar will review the requirements of the AI, discuss the risks of this set-aside, and provide best practice recommendations for implementation of the Average Income test.  The Webinar will be presented by A. J. Johnson, a nationally recognized expert on affordable housing who has already provided compliance oversight on multiple properties using the AI set-aside.
$40.00 - Learn More & Purchase
Fair Housing Compliance in the Age of COVID-19
This training will provide property managers with guidelines and recommendations for handling COVID-19 fair housing issues. A brief overview of fair housing requirements will be followed by a discussion of how COVID-19 fears may lead to fair housing violations relating to ethnic minorities and the disabled. The relationship between the pandemic and reasonable accommodation requests will be covered, as well as the particular attention that must be paid to potential sexual harassment. Finally, the importance of consistent treatment of applicants and residents will be discussed.
$30.00 - Learn More & Purchase

Visit our online training platform, AJJCSTraining.com for more information regarding the web-based services we offer.

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