Revised 2013 Section 8 and MTSP Income Limits Released

(Update 12/26/13) The 2014 income limits have been released. More information can be found here.

HUD has revised and released the 2013 income limits. These new income limits supersede the limits released on 12/4/12. The revision is due to an underestimation in the creation of the 12/4/12 limits.

To download the FY2013 Income Limits, select the appropriate link below:

FY2013 Section 8 Income Limits(PDF) Section 8, Section 221(d)(3) BMIR, Section 235 and Section 236

FY2013 MTSP Income Limits(PDF) Section 42 (LIHTC) and projects financed with tax exempt housing bonds issued to provide qualified residential rental development under section 142 of the Code should use the Income Limits.

For additional information regarding income limits, including area definitions and FY2013 Income Limit Briefing Material, visit

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