Browser Support: What & Why

The current version of the File Center (4) was designed to address compatibility issues encountered with the previous version while maintaining and improving the user experience for users visiting the site on modern internet browsers.

We use a “tier” system in describing the compatibility of different internet browsers with regard to the File Center.

Tier One Browsers

Tier One browsers offer full compatibility and are not likely to experience any issues due to future software updates.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari (Mac)

Tier Two Browsers

Tier Two browsers will support the current implementation of the File Center, but may lag behind the Tier One browsers when File Center software updates are made.

Internet Explorer (9+)

Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari (PC)

Tier Three Browsers

Tier Three browsers are not supported.  They may work, but they are either outdated or the market share is not large enough to dedicate time to test compatibility.

Internet Explorer (<9)


All other browsers

If you are running into any issues not specifically related to using an unsupported internet browser, please check our Help area for more information.