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State Agencies Getting Tough on Developers

Agencies in a number of states have tightened the requirements for developers with regard to being eligible to apply for tax credits. Iowa, Texas, and Florida have all added requirements that expand the ways applicants may be deemed ineligible for…

State Allocating Agency Priorities for 2011

A review of the Qualified Allocation Plans (QAPs) of the State Allocating Agencies indicates some new priorities and directions for a number of states with regard to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. For example, the Massachusetts Department of Housing…

HUD/IRS Agree on Protocols for Physical Inspections

The Internal Revenue Service and HUD have reached a preliminary agreement that will allow HUD REAC inspections to satisfy IRS physical inspection requirements for tax credit properties with project-based Section 8 assistance. Also, HUD will be able to rely on…

IRS Priorities for 2011

The IRS and Treasury Department will give priority to issuing guidance on a number of issues relating to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program in 2011…