Linda Moss

Compliance Analyst

Linda Moss joined A.J. Johnson Consulting Services, Inc. as a Compliance Analyst on February 1, 2015.

Linda brings a wealth of experience with her that will provide an immediate benefit to our clients. She has been in the business of multifamily housing management since 1990, when she began her career as a manager of conventional apartment properties. She then moved into the tax credit field as the manager of a 266-unit LIHTC property in Richmond, VA, following that a short time later by becoming the Compliance Manager for a realty company.

From 1998 to 2005, Linda served as the Compliance Manager for two Richmond based companies, overseeing the compliance requirements for multiple properties in various locations.

In August 2005, Linda joined the Virginia Community Development Corporation (VCDC) and spent seven years as an Asset Management Portfolio Director with supervisory responsibilities on behalf of the equity firm for 40 properties. In 2012, Linda became the Compliance Management Director for VCDC and focused on monitoring compliance for approximately 60 projects. In addition to LIHTC compliance, she also monitored for HOME compliance, assisted developers with planning for acquisition/rehab projects, coordinated the contracting of tenant file reviews and conducted small group training for project sponsors.

Linda will be primarily responsible for desk reviews of Client files, but will also assist clients with portfolio oversight. The addition of Linda to our staff demonstrates our continued commitment to providing excellent service for our outstanding clients.